We are a non-partisan group of doctors, nurses and other health professionals living and working in the Kootenays.

Meet some of our members here in our climate pledge video

Our Mission

Recognizing the direct relationship between planetary health and human health and wellbeing, our mission is to urgently advocate for the rapid adoption of policies, practices and structural changes that protect and restore planetary health.

Our Vision

We envision a world where human activities prioritize planetary health and we are on track to protecting and restoring ecosystems to support healthy and equitable futures for all 

Our Theory of Change

If people think of planetary health as essential to personal and public health and believe that urgent change is possible and necessary, they will take action to reduce pollution, protect biodiversity, and conserve energy because they want longer, healthier and safer lives for themselves and their families.

Our Values 

Caring – caring for all humans and ecosystems

Collaboration – collaborating with diverse groups to amplify advocacy for planetary health

Interdependence: acknowledging the interconnectedness of all life, and seeking to live and work with reverence for the earth and its inhabitants.

Equity – fairness and justice for all humans and ecosystems

Diversity – acknowledging the need for diverse participation in our advocacy

Inclusivity – openness to all voices in our advocacy

Curiosity and humility always approaching the complex intersectorial foundations of human and planetary health with curiosity and humility.